California Property Marketing

The last five years have been really good for the real estate industry. That is why a lot of people started looking for lateral ways of california property marketing. More and more investors switch to this business to take advantage of its boom while they still can. This means there is more competition now than there ever was in the real estate industry. 

That’s especially true for the California housing market. Usually, when investors think about property in the Golden State, they know they’re going to have to put a lot of money into that. Property in California is considered expensive. The thing is that it provides great returns for your investment and huge profit. That’s why real estate investors flock to California if they can afford it. High home construction numbers are rising all over California. There is a huge surge in the build-to-rent developments. This means that tenants have more options than ever when it comes to choosing which property to rent. Since there is a lot of money on the line for property investors in California, owners need to make sure their property will be picked over the competition’s property. 

California Property Marketing

How does that work? If you’re a California property investor, you’re probably asking yourself this question right now. The answer is simple: better property marketing. Selling your product is all about how you present things, how big of an audience you can reach with your advertisements, and whether you’re reaching the right crowd. In order to do any of these, you need to have an intimate and extensive knowledge of the California property market. This is why it’s best to hire a local property management orange county company that can do the marketing for you – among other things.

In case you’ve decided to try some DIY property marketing, you’re going to need some help. In this article, we’re going to talk about California Property Marketing. We will also provide you with some professional tips on how to develop fierce marketing strategies that will make your property stand out and find better tenants faster. Good marketing will draw attention to your property, lower your vacancy rate, and eventually raise the prices, resulting in more profit for you.

California Property Marketing Tips

• Good photos.

What captures your attention about a property first? Think about the time when you were looking for properties to invest in. If you’ve bought a building that was already built, what made you look at the listing twice? That’s right; it was the captivating pictures of it. So even if you don’t hire a property management in Orange County company to market your property, it’s wise to consider hiring a professional photographer to take shots of the place you’re renting out. 

Statistics show that most tenants start looking for a new home online, so it’s essential to post great pictures that flatter your property in the listings. Listings without photos or with exterior or interior shots only are more likely to be ignored, especially considering that there are many listings made by professionals where you can look at an abundance of good pictures of the property and get a clear idea of what it looks like. 

California Property Marketing
California Property Marketing

Take pictures of the front of the property. Crop out the sidewalks and streets and remove the vehicles from the driveway and the front of the house to get a better photo. It’s good to take both close-ups and angled pictures. A huge part of the photographer’s job is to pick the right time of the day for the pictures he wants to take. You should pick the part of the day when the shade doesn’t fall on the house, so you can take the best shot. 

California Property Marketing

If the property you’re renting out has extras like a clubhouse, pool, spa, or tennis courts, make sure to take pictures of them too. The tenants like to have an image of the lifestyle that their new home can offer. If the property has a yard, make sure you take pictures of it. Emphasize the space and take long shots to bring attention to how big the yard is. And of course, make sure the yard is in proper condition: trim the bushes, mow the lawn, hide any toys and tools that may ruin the picture. It’s a good idea to avoid shooting the yard in the sun.

Interior photographs are very important too. Here’s a tip: take pictures of every room, even if you think the room isn’t very presentable or won’t look good in pictures. It’s good to emphasize how much space there is in the property. People know the look of the rooms can be changed easily, but adding space to a small property is a lot more difficult. Pull the drapes and open the blinds when you’re taking pictures of the property’s interior. And turn the lights on too – you need as much light as you can get. If there are interesting details that flatter the property, such as a brand new wooden floor or a vintage fireplace mantle, make sure to capture them. Remove the trash cans and close the toilet lids to emphasize the feeling that the property is brand new. Floral arrangements in the kitchen and the dining room make the place look more like home. 

California Property Marketing

• Video footage.

Your property doesn’t have to be a million-dollar palace to make a virtual tour of it. Virtual tours really give people the feeling as if they’re in the property and are exploring it and enjoying its benefits, that’s why it’s best to make one for every listing. Even if it’s a very short one. It definitely gives your property a huge advantage. 

Whether it’s a 360 or a video, good virtual tours should feel as if they’re grabbing the tenant/buyer by the hand and leading them from room to room to get the full experience of the property. You can keep the sound on to make it more realistic, add music for a deeper experience, or record a well-written, exciting description of every room that is being viewed. Make it captivating! 

• Put signs Out

That’s one of the oldest and best property marketing strategies. Luckily, it’s also one of the easiest! It’s also very cheap. Signage will encourage people who are looking around a certain neighborhood for properties to immediately call the number you’ve put on the sign. A well-designed “For Sale” sign works wonders. Make it two signs if your property is on a corner lot. 

If there is a busy street nearby, try to contact the neighbor that lives on the corner and ask them if it’s okay to put a sign in their yard with an arrow that’s pointing towards your property. 

Some homeowner’s associations prohibit those signs though and allow only window signs, keep that in mind. 

• Be active on social media.

California Property Marketing

Many people use the Internet to look for properties. We all know that’s a fact, especially when it comes to renting property. You won’t be able to target this large chunk of tenants if you’re not marketing your property online. Nowadays everyone is on social media so be smart and instead of using only real estate websites to market your property, take the next step and find clients there!

The first thing you need to do is to optimize your profiles on social media.  Add your contact details, address, profile picture, and a website URL. This makes it very convenient for people who want to get in touch with you to do it. It also creates a feeling of transparency that’s often important for tenants and buyers. 

Make sure to optimize the services section on your Facebook page – this way when people click on “Services”, they will see exactly what you’re offering. This way you’re going to receive more genuine inquiries and won’t waste your time filtering unqualified requests. 

We talked about video tours earlier and how important they are to showcase your property. Social media makes this so much easier and accessible to more people! You can start by:

– making a series of stories on Instagram that show the interior of the property. it’s good to remember they expire after 24 hours if they’re not pinned to an Instagram profile.

– posting a Facebook Live video from an open house event.

– making a Snapchat story that encourages people to ask you questions about the property.

Another thing you can do on social media to help with property marketing is to take advantage of the good reviews people are leaving on your profiles and listings. Renters and buyers are more likely to contact a profile that has a lot of good feedback from people than one that doesn’t. So make sure people see these reviews! Retweet them to your company’s profile or post them on the Facebook page. If you don’t have many positive reviews, don’t panic. It’s a great idea to offer your clients some sort of incentive, such as a small discount on the next property or a free valuation, in order to encourage them to share their experiences with you on social media. 

Here’s another tip for social media development: share content for the locals. California Property Marketing on social media will work best if you’re actually providing content people from California will be especially interested to see. Post about local events and news and information on the local market, especially when it comes to price changes. 

Tips on showing property

After we gave you some professional tips about California Property Marketing , it’s time to talk a bit more about a quite overlooked aspect of it – property showings. Once you’ve advertised the property well enough to attract tenants or buyers, the next step is to take them to see it and emphasize its advantages. That’s easier to do in words and in photos than it is in person. Property marketing companies have a lot of experience in showing property but if you’ve decided to do it by yourself, you must take into account those few steps.

• Prepare the property. 

The day before you’ve scheduled property showings, make sure everything is in order there. You want it to be clean and tidy, and you want the drapes and blinds open so the light enters all the rooms as much as it’s possible. 

• Know the area around the property.

The more properties you rent out, the harder it gets to remember the area around them or even the route that takes you to the building! This is why California property marketing is so much easier when a property management orange county company is doing it for you. 

When people are looking for a new home, they like to know what the neighborhood can offer to them. Schools, hospitals, restaurants, clubs, 24/7 stores – people want to know what lifestyle their new neighborhood can offer them. That’s why it’s a great advantage to talk to people about these things on property showings.

Make sure you have printed leaflets with pictures and information about all of the properties you’re renting/selling.

That is in case you offer more than one property. It’s very convenient and it allows the client to preview everything you’re offering and to write notes on the paper about the properties you’ve shown them. It’s property marketing!

• Guide the people around the house.

People often hang around a lot in one area of the house, unsure whether it’s okay to move on. It’s unprofessional to rush them, but it’s okay to push them a little to see the rest of the house. Make it sound as if there is some part that they shouldn’t miss out because it will definitely help them set their mind. This makes people get excited to see all of the property.

Encourage people to touch things.

good real estate

This can create pleasant sensations and pleasant sensations make people feel comfortable and at home. Invite them to check for themselves the softness of the drapes or the chunky blankets or the memory foam mattress. 

Answer questions.

Encourage people to ask questions about the property and try to attentively address all of their concerns. This is important not only in terms of clearing out things for them but also so they can be sure you pay attention to detail and like to keep your tenants satisfied. 

nice house

These tips from professionals that have a lot of experience with California Property Marketing can help you rent out or sell your property faster. However, if you prefer to invest your time and efforts in something else and want someone with more experience to take care of the property marketing for you, you should consider hiring a property management company!

If you’re looking for an Orange County property management company, make sure you contact Caris Property management to learn more about our services.