What is property management?

What is property management

What is property management “To hire, or not to hire, that is the question!” Yes, you’ve guessed correctly , this post is about property management. Hiring a property management company is a choice that many real estate investors contemplate a lot. Some investors understand the advantages a property management company gives them and hire one…

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How to find a good property manager

how to find a property manager

We all know that owning rental property is an investment, and in order to get your money back and give yourself the best possible returns, investments have to be properly managed. You can manage your property by yourself, but most investors choose to use the services of the professionals and to put their time into…

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How much is property tax in California?

How much is property tax in California

In the modern civilized world, taxes are something we’ve all heard about and most likely paid. Income taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes…There are all sorts of taxes one has to pay. Many people focus on income taxes that are paid to their federal and state governments but the truth is property taxes make up a…

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How to create a good property marketing plan

property marketing plan

Property Marketing There are certain patterns that all property marketing companies and real estate agencies follow when it comes to finding the right tenants for properties. You put a catchy sign in front of the property. You add the property in all sorts of listing sites and social media pages. You buy ads in magazines,…

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Orange Coast Property Management Companies

orange coast property management companies

Orange Coast Property Management Companies – ALL you need to know. Owning property in Orange County can be quite the responsibility. Managing your property requires constant dedication and effort, which is why it’s best to hire a property management company that can take good care of the issues surrounding management for you. Here are some of…

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Homeowners vs Renters

homeowners vs renters

Homeowners vs Renters There has always been an ongoing debate about which is better and less costly: renting property or owning it? At a certain time in life, everyone starts asking themselves this question: is it better to pay a monthly fee to someone so I can have a roof over my head or is…

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Property Management Orange County: Your Starter Guide

property management orange county

Property Management Orange County – But Why? A lot of people point to owning property and renting it out as one of the easiest ways to create long-term wealth. But that’s usually before they begin to actually do it. Whether you’re just starting out with your property investment portfolio or a seasoned professional, it’s always…

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