Orange Coast Property Management Companies

Orange Coast Property Management Companies – ALL you need to know.

Owning property in Orange County can be quite the responsibility. Managing your property requires constant dedication and effort, which is why it’s best to hire a property management company that can take good care of the issues surrounding management for you. Here are some of the Orange Coast property management companies.

orange coast property management companies

How do you pick the right property management company? There are so many of them and choosing the right one can really make or break your investment in real estate. Who is new on the market? Everyone says they’ve been on the market for, if not centuries, then at least years. Who has the most experience in the field? Who offers the biggest exposure for your property for rent? There are many factors to take in consideration when picking the right property management company in Orange County.

orange coast property management companies

This is why we’ve comprised this list of the TOP 20 ORANGE COUNTY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES for you. All of these companies are licensed and have demonstrated a high standard in managing the needs of their clients, including owners and tenants, and excel in the art of property management. We’ve put together some of the most significant things about each of them so it would be easier for you to pick which one is the right Orange County property management company for you.

Let’s move along to the list!

The Best 20 Orange County Property Management Companies 

Caris Property Management

orange coast property management companies

Caris Property Management is known to be one of the best rated orange coast property management companies. They prove themselves as one of the leaders in Orange County and provide high occupancy rates, competitive pricing and full comfort for both owners and tenants. Their team excels at marketing and works dutifully to find the best possible tenant for your property. Thorough screening of every tenant’s application, qualified property showings, maintenance coordination, annual inspections, rent collection, oversight of move-ins and move-outs – they do it all, and for quite a fair pricing! 

Caris Property Management maintains strong customer service that makes sure all your concerns are being addressed quickly and responsibly, and do their best to exceed your expectations, putting in a lot of hard work and integrity so you can see real results.

D.E. Properties

D.E. Properties is one of the best Orange County commercial property management companies. They are proven leaders in the management services of properties in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach, and are known throughout the entire Orange County for their impressive strategies, tailored individually for each property. They are the best at managing individual residential properties, condos included. 

D.E. Properties offers you a targeted marketing campaign that was designed only for you. They manage fielding applications and screening for tenants, as well as executing leases. Their policy is very transparent and you can find detailed listings of property on their site, as well as a summary of fees and services. D.E. Properties manages to maintain a high occupancy rate and respond quickly to any issues that may arise with both residents and owners.

White Glove Property Management, Inc

This property management company offers three management plans: Silver which includes their full services, Gold which adds to this the coverage of the cost of an uncontested eviction, and Platinum which adds as much as two months rent coverage if the tenant defaults. They offer residential and commercial property management services.

White Glove Property Management Inc. offers the owners an online portal where they can see for themselves the tenants’ rental history and accounting statements. They handle any maintenance services through a list of licensed contractors and guarantee and supervise the completion of the work and its high quality.

Clockwork Property Management

They are certified professionals, operated by veterans in the property management business that are also locals and know the ins and outs of the market. Clockwork Property Management offers full-service management and free consultations. They specialize in residential properties and offer excellent service in this area, as well as reasonable pricing. For more than 10 years, Clockwork Property Management remains at the forefront of the industry, never failing to provide results for their clients.

Goodman Management Team

Goodman Management Team is a professional rental property management company in Orange County which provides all kinds of services such as screening of tenants, repairs, handling of evictions, lease agreements and so on. They work with commercial and residential rentals and are in this business for 25 years. 

This Orange County property management company is known for the team’s professionalism when it comes to solving multiple problems, their high skill level and the affordable prices they offer their clients. The team makes sure to offer multiple solutions to any problem and to be extra efficient.

Robles Property Management

Robles Property Management specializes in residential properties in the South Bay area. They have been in business for over 15 years and have made a reputation for handling each client with a personal approach and by creating an individualized campaign just for them. Robles Property Management handles many luxury estates and is locally owned and operated.

McCabe Property Management

This company offers full service but specialized in fixing broken or troubled HOAs. Their team is available 24/7 to provide the best service for their clients. Full financial management, full maintenance service, HOA health, stability assessment and many more – all of this tailored specifically to your preference. McCabe Property Management’s consultations are free and at no obligation.

Legends Property Management

This is one of the best Orange County commercial property management companies. Legends Property Management also works with owners of residential single-family and multi-unit homes and flats and HOA. They have different options for the fees: you may choose whether to be charged with a percentage of the monthly gross income plus the cost of a legally required onsite manager or with a preset fee per month which is lower for managing multiple units.

The company has a network of contractors and various professionals that are ready to respond immediately to maintenance issues.

HCM Property Management

HCM Property Management offers you world-class property management services in exchange for affordable and straightforward fees. The company aims to protect your investments, optimize your cash flow and take care of the hassles for you. They have a very direct price list for every service they provide and offer different Plans to suit the specific needs of every owner. Rent assessment, marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, accounting, eviction handling, maintenance system – you’ll find it all here.

Orange Coast Property Management

orange coast property management companies

One of the best rental property management companies in Orange County. Handles all sorts of residences, condos and luxury estates. Orange Coast Property Management offers leasing services, consultations on rental rates, property showings, tenant screening and background check of the best quality, rent and fee collection from tenants and regular inspections of the property, as well as overseeing at the move-in and move-out. The company makes sure they have a signed inventory checklist of items and their condition before the tenant moves in and the property condition is documented for proof. They also provide regular maintenance services and guarantee their fast and effective completion by overseeing the process. 

Up Property Management

This is a full-service property management company that includes brokerage services. They provide excellent service plans for single-family homes, condos, townhomes, as well as multi-unit rental properties. The people on the team are experienced and dedicated individuals that are looking forward to meeting all of your concerns and handling efficiently all of your rental property hassles. Up Property Management will be with you every step of the way, starting with the initial free consultation to placing the best possible tenant in your property and managing it afterward. 

Terry Alligood Estates

This company’s services are described as “outstanding” by many of their clients. They deal with a lot of luxury real estate and are locally owned & operated. Terry Alligood Estates offer 24/7 availability and guarantees efficient and fast resolving of any issues with your rental property that may arise. Trey Alligood has specialized in residential real estate for a long time and knows all of LA intimately. That’s why he’s more than happy to offer a personalized approach that offers an in-depth analysis and plan for your property and how to maximize your cash flow from it. 

Marterra Properties

Marterra Properties takes pride in providing the best in class property management services. They hold themselves to a high standard, committing fully to their clients and to making sure they will see the results they are paying for. Straightforward pricing, no hidden or upfront fees and a fresh and tailored approach that meets the specific requirements and objectives of every client individually – this is just a part of what Marterra Properties holds in store for you!

Irvine Property Management

This is one of the orange coast property management companies that offers you residential and commercial services at the highest level. They have three different service plans to fit the needs of every individual client – Basic, Premium, and All-inclusive. Every package includes base services such as property advertising and showings, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance services, statements each month and handling of eviction and move-out. 

TKG Property Management

TKG Property Management is a full-service company that has a high occupancy rate and a reputation for finding the right tenants for your property in less than 5 days! They have very affordable prices and manage single-family homes, condos and apartment buildings. TKG Property Management is one of the top Orange County commercial property management companies. They offer 24/7 maintenance services and deal with emergencies immediately. The company’s focus is to provide the best management of your rental property at a competitive price and with as little hassle as possible.

Orange County Property Management

This is a company that handles well both residential and commercial rental property. They manage single and multi-family homes, as well as condos, duplexes, and apartments. Orange County Property Management provides an excellent service in managing commercial and industrial property as well. 

The company markets property through listings, signage and trusted referrals. They prepare the property for showings, make sure the pricing is optimal for the state of the market, process all rental applications through a thorough background check and verification and uses a special pet addendum for rental properties that allow pets. Orange County Property Management takes very good care of any needed maintenance of the property and files monthly reports. They are known to be the largest management company in Southern California and offer services in both English and Spanish.

Keystone Pacific Property Management

This company works with HOA and manages properties for community associations, providing services to community developers. Keystone Pacific Property Management is a renowned leader in HOA property management since 1982 and has proven to be certified professionals that focus on satisfying all of the requirements of their clients. They believe increased transparency and accountability are important for both sides of the business.

Keystone Pacific Property Management offers onsite management, a web service portal that offers online payments, statements, and notifications and customizes entire websites for the communities. They supervise all property maintenance and make sure they enlist only qualified vendors. The company facilitates board meetings and provide training programs for them and handles accounting and the finances from payables with absolute transparency.

JLE Property Management, INC

This is one of the best-rated Orange County commercial property management companies. They provide full-service management for real estate, including everything from single-family homes to huge apartment buildings and commercial properties. They do property showings, they check the applicant’s employment and credit, as well as criminal background and rental history so they can make sure you’re getting a high-quality tenant. JLE Property Management INC has bilingual services and highly responsive staff that pays attention to detail and acts fast and efficiently.

BJ Properties

BJ Properties has been in the property management business for more than 25 years and the highly qualified staff has over 85 years of combined experience. Their main goal is to maintain your property as if it was their own – with utmost care, attention to detail, and efficiency. They provide full-service plans for residential property management and also work with commercial property. Marketing property is both online and off, they deal with everything connected to picking the best-qualified tenant for your property to collecting rent and providing statements every month, as well as tax information at the end of the year.

BJ Properties will handle all emergency repairs and property upkeep for you and resolves any disputes concerning tenants and collection matters.

Bell Properties

Last but not least, Bell Properties offers professional full-service plans for your rental property in Orange County. The company aims to fully assist owners and tenants with any issues concerning rental property. They value trust and transparency. 

Bell Properties is one of the orange coast property management companies that offers all sorts of services that can satisfy every individual client – property marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance and inspections, financial reporting, handling evictions and proper legal guidance, this company covers it all! They handle a lot of luxury real estate and the staff is highly qualified and bilingual.